Metro Referrals

How does it work?

If you know anyone who wants to buy or sell real estate anywhere in the U.S., contact us with their information and we will place your referral. Or if you know a sales associate, you can place the referral yourself. When the property sells and settles, you will be paid a referral fee.

Who We Are

Metro Referral Associates is an independent company that provides those with active real estate licenses a way to engage in real estate referrals. This is a convenient way for you to earn significant extra income.

Who Can Join

If you have an active real estate license in Maryland, Virginia, Washington, D.C., West Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, or North Carolina, you can simply transfer your license to Metro Referral Associates.

If your license is inactive in one of these states, you can activate it to Metro Referral Associates.

If you are just getting your license in one of these states, you may do so with Metro Referral Associates.

Metro Referral Associates

11351 Random Hills Road
Fairfax, VA 22030
(703) 359-1694 or (800) 781-4860
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Low Cost:
Because we are not associated with the national, state or local Associations of REALTORS®, there are no REALTOR® Association and multiple listing service fees. You also do not have to pay for errors and omissions insurance. You only pay minimal annual dues to Metro Referral Associates.

Active License Status:
Affiliation with Metro Referral Associates keeps your license active so you can be paid referral fees. If you subsequently decide to go into real estate sales, all you need to do is transfer your license.

Easy Extra Income:
You can establish a lucrative side business simply by referring friends, family and acquaintances with real estate needs.

Little Work Required:
You only have to get the basic contact information from the client and submit it to us. We do the rest!

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