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You need to have your own website up and running as soon as possible but you don't have the time to learn all the techno side of how to run it. You also need to make changes to the site very often and with very little fuss. ŠNovo is the answer you've been looking for.

It's how Site Management should be

ŠNovo is a flexible and powerful, but easy to use, content managed website system. What that means is that you add, delete and amend pages and content to your site through your browser, and those changes take effect immediately, there's no ongoing publishing involved.

It will put you or your employees in control of your website without any steep learning curve. You could have a site up and running in less than an hour and you can make changes to the site whenever you want from any browser (as long as you have the password!).


Well nearly - you can download the trial version of ŠNovo for free. This is identical to the full version except you work with one uploaded image and one uploaded file at a time, although you can still have as many pages as you need. The full version allows you to work with as many images and files as you have web space and costs only $29, and of course, you can buy it online now.

This is what you can do with the Standard version of aeNovo:

  • Add as many pages to your website as your webspace can hold

  • Allow visitors to perform a search of all your site's content

  • Add, Edit and Delete pages online whenever you want

  • Include Images within your pages

  • Simply format text using brackets or add HTML to your pages

  • If you have any web design skills you may incorporate aeNovo into your own design of website

  • Edit your 'meta' content and page titles

  • This site was built using aeNovo in less than an hour (after we wrote the content that is). You can freely download the demo version right now by clicking the link on the left.

    The full version of aeNovo is only $29 and you can purchase and download it now, please click the 'Buy Now' link on the main aeNovo site.

    Never let the information on your site get out dated again.

    This site has been created with aeNovo.

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