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Setting-up your new website

Please print and read this before you do anything else.

This 'default.htm' is a temporary page. Once you have
followed the instructions below either
delete it, or if you
wish, put your own design of web page in it's place.

The first thing you have to decide is by which method you are going to access your database. There are two methods and you will decide on which one depending on how your website hosters choose to set-up database access. There is more detailed information about your aeNovo website in the 'Help' file 

There are four standard configurations:

  1. Using on your local machine in DSNless mode
  2. Using on the internet in DSNless mode
  3. Using on your local machine with a DSN connection
  4. Using on the internet with a DSN connection

If You Do Nothing Now  -  If You Do Nothing Now

When the software is first installed it is set-up for a DSNless connection to the database. In this mode all the pages will work accept you won't be able to update (add/edit/delete) pages within your site (although please try first as some PC configurations will allow everything to work in this default mode). To perform updates while in DSNless mode 'permissions' have to be set on certain folders. Setting permissions means setting access rights to a folder so that, as a website visitor, you can make certain changes to files within that folder.

Setting Permissions for DSNless mode while testing software on your local machine using Microsoft's Personal Web Server or IIS.

  1. Open an 'Explorer" view of your hard disk where you have copied/imported this software. (These files will have to be in a website within you web root of your Personal Web Server/IIS.) Click here for instructions on how to install the files.
  2. Locate the actual folder where these aeNovo files are.
  3. Right-click on the folder and then select 'Properties'.
  4. Choose the 'Sharing' tab at the top of the dialogue box.
  5. Select the 'Shared As' option towards the top of the box.
  6. Select the 'Full' option half way down the box.
  7. Now click apply.

If you are on a company network check with the System Administrator that this is ok.

Full functionality should now be operational.

Setting Permissions for DSNless mode while using the software on the internet.

After you have published your aeNovo website to your own webspace you will have to contact your hosters (normally the support section) and ask them to set the following permissions:

  1. Read/Write permission for the 'images' folder which is in the root of the site.
  2. Read/Write permission for the 'dbase' folder which is in the root of the site.
  3. Read/Write permission for the 'files' folder which is in the site if your are using the 'Premium' version of the software.

You actually need 'Read/Write/Delete' permission but this is often referred to as just 'Read/Write'.

Using the software in DSN Connection mode

You can also use the software in DSN Connection mode. The advantage to this is that you don't have to set any permissions to be able to amend your pages ALTHOUGH if you plan to upload images through the browser for your pages (and files also in the 'Premium' version) you will need permissions on the 'images' folder (and the 'files' folder for the 'Premium' version). See above to see how to set permission.

Making a DSN connection for use of the software on your local machine:

  1. In Windows hit the 'Start' button (normally bottom left of your screen).
  2. Select 'Settings' then 'Control Panel'.
  3. Select 'ODBC Data Sources'
  4. Select the 'System DSN' tab at the top of the box.
  5. Select the 'Add' towards the top right of the box.
  6. From the list choose 'Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)' and then click 'Finish'.
  7. In the 'Data Source Name' box enter 'aenovo' (do not enter the quotes!) DON'T click OK yet.
  8. Now click 'Select'.
  9. Navigate using the 'directories' box to where you have the aenovo1.mdb database file (this will be in the 'dbase' folder of the website.
  10. Highlight the 'aenovo1.mdb' in the left pane of the box and then click 'Ok'. The box will close.
  11. Now click 'Ok' in the next box.
  12. Now click 'Ok' in the next box and that's it!
  13. Make sure you have set he permissions as mentioned in the paragraph above.

Using the software in DSN mode on the internet:

Depending on your hosters you can either request a DSN connection or, more normally, you are supplied with one already set-up.

Preset-up DSN

If you have a DSN already set-up for you by your hosters then they will tell you the name. You must now do the following:

  1. Locate the file 'appsvarDSNed.asp' in the 'inc' folder.
  2. Make a copy of this file (always keep the original) and then rename it 'appsvar.asp'. You should be asked whether you want to replace the existing file, say 'Ok'. (If you ever need to put the original file back perform the same operation as just described but use the appsvarDSNless.asp' file.
  3. Open the file in 'Notepad', or some other text editor.
  4. At the top of the file you will see the line

strconn = "aenovo"

Edit the 'aenovo' element to your DSN connection name and save the file.

  1. You will need 'read/write' permissions set on the 'images' folder (and the 'files' folder for the 'Premium' version). Ask your support section for this.
  2. Your hosters may require you to put your database file (aenovo1.mdb) in another special folder that have set-up for the purpose.

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