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Portfolio Evaluations

  • Overview of local market data to gauge feasibility of purchase.
  • Statistical evaluation of portfolio’s value including opinion on selection of which assets to purchase.
  • Efficient BPOs to deter mine values of properties.


  • Vacancy reports
  • Weekly vacancy inspections
  • Drive-by and Interior BPO’s
  • Board-up and Security Services


  • Oversight by Pre-marketing Specialists
  • Cash for Keys program
  • Eviction management and monitoring
  • Rekey, securing and winterizing services
  • Board-up and debris removal


  • Select, by property proximity, dedicated, experienced REO agent.
  • Provide knowledgeable Broker Price Opinion with photos.
  • Select Appraiser and complete thorough review.
  • Cost benefit repair and improvement analysis


  • Detailed marketing plans and selling strategy
  • Supervision of property repair and maintenance
  • National marketing exposure
  • Customized reporting
  • Monthly Status Updates
  • Sales contract negotiations

Closing Services

  • Title procurement
  • Resolution of title issues
  • Closing services per local jurisdiction
  • Closing document review
  • Detailed expense accounting
  • HUD 1 review and approval

Property Management

  • Determine fair market rent.
  • Handle all aspects of management including leases, accounting, and maintenance.
  • Familiar with state and local laws pertinent to tenant/landlord rights.

Our Strengths

Full Service, Client Focused

  • Specialize in liquidation of distressed properties.
  • Extensive experience in the Real Estate Industry.
  • Full range of asset management services.
  • Experts in all aspects of Asset Management from Pre-Foreclosure to closing.

Financial Strength

  • Long & Foster is known for its fiscal conservatism. This prudent management mindset has, over time, created the financial strength and stability that enables Long & Foster Companies to successfully manage the peaks and troughs of this highly cyclical business.

Focus on Marketing

  • Customized marketing strategies
  • Proven marketing plans.
  • Experienced and trained agents who produce results.
  • Staff of licensed real estate professionals who understand how to market properties.

Quality Service Delivery

  • All time-lines are met.
  • Employ the most experienced people in the field.
  • Partner with respected and proficient vendors across the nation.


  • Secure Web-Based management system.
  • 24/7 access.
  • Developed for REO/Foreclosure management.
  • Reports customized to each client.


  • We operate on a secure, web based system developed especially for REO/Foreclosure Management that optimizes communication between our asset managers and vendors from our real estate brokerage firms to our closing & eviction partners.

KEY Tabs in the REO Tracking Functionality of Our System

  • Summary: statistical history of the property and current status
  • Pre-Marketing: BPO information & market plan information
  • Eviction: tracks info related to cash for keys, occupancy, & redemption
  • Listing: listing profile, price change history, monthly status reports
  • Offers: tracks all information related to offers & counteroffers
  • Closing: tracks closer information, title status, and contract & settlement terms.
  • Tasks: cross-functional task management
  • Expenses: review processed and pending expenses
  • FC/Insurance: compile Mortgage Insurance, Hazard Insurance, HOA & tax info

Reporting Capabilities

Through our extensive reporting and analytics we can focus on trends, key default statistics and performance indicators ensuring client focused service.

Standard Reports

  • Inventory Aging Report
  • Property Title Report
  • Property Tax Report
  • Cash for Keys Report
  • Expense Report
  • Closing Estimate Report
  • Sales Report

Customized Reports

  • Ad-hoc reporting functionality provides us with the ability to structure our services to your specific needs.
  • These detailed reports provide automated visibility to discrepancies that would stall the process of REO disposition.